Starbucks App Reviews

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Awesome app

Saved me a lot of time in the morning waiting in line, I use regularly whenever the barista saw me walked in, she brought out my order, definitely a plus. Always view tip and leave tip too!


There are bugs while adding store as favourite stores.

Works ok, could be a lot better

So like many people have stated, it wont let me reload with my credit card, although it does work with PayPal. The latest update saves my favorite location, which is a nice improvement. My biggest gripe is that I cannot save drinks. I work with a group of people and we often take turns going for coffee runs. It would be amazing to be able to store different drinks so I didnt need to rebuild every drink from scratch. It saves the most useless order info, but wont let me keep a list of "my drinks" to choose from like the really old app used to do before mobile pay.

Cannot favourite stores despite recent update saying I can

Even if I type the name of the beverage I want to order I still have to scroll through so many irrelevant choices. Ordering multiple drinks is so user unfriendly. I should be able to pull up previous drinks Ive ordered, whether its the first/second/third drink I am ordering.

False advertising

I received free drink promo code in the email. The barista called the manager and the manager told me code is expired or invalid or both. What is the point then? Also user interface is one of the worst I have ever seen in an app.

crash and errors

I used to love this app, pay and reload quickly, gave me the time to chat with my fav baristas... Now the app is unusable... When it doesnt crash, it pops errors for just about anything you click on... I wish they would care more about this app...


The app is good when it works. Ever since I got the Apple Watch the app continually signs me out, which is annoying when I need to get a quick glance at my stars on my watch...


Bad. Crashes. Not compatible with Apple Pay.

Easier to order from app than in store

I use it most of the time although some stores do not take online orders yet. UI can continue to enhance but it is pretty good already. No one else has anything closer for this industry.

to many issues

Not usable due to constant "system error" on any attempted action. At least it looks pretty.

Loses my password every time there is a new update

This never used to happen. But has now happened twice in the past two months Would also be great if the $ balance was updated in a more timely fashion Otherwise it is very easy to use

Good app

The app is much improved. And I havent encountered any of the crashing problems others seem to be experiencing. But I really do wish that tipping were easier. In particular, it would be nice if there was a setting that allowed a user to automatically tip a certain % every time (on the pre-tax amount) rather than being required to manually tip each and every time.

Cant load money to card

I recently downloaded the app but I am unable to load money to a card or order coffee using the credit card associated with the app. When I try to load the card it says unavailable try later. I have tried on multiple days.

Im not alone

So glad Im not the only one that thinks this app is horrible. Always crashes when I try and reload my card and the sign in process is always a pain. Starbucks - get it together and fix this app. No coffee is worth this frustration

Poor execution from a "successful" company

This app is horrendous! I cant login, cant reset my password on the web, cant check my balance so its useless to me!! Tim Hortons does better than this. Hell, Coffeetime would do better! Bye bye Starbucks app & Starbucks in general. Based on reviews, this has been an ongoing issue that continues unaddressed.


This version is much better. You can use your stars on mobile orders!

Unable to sign in

I am unable to sign in again after Ive accidentally signed out my account. The message says no network available even if my wifi is on or data is on. Other apps requiring network connection are working okay.

Waste of time

Tried logging into my account, but said I had the wrong email/pw. Tried to send an email to reset but literally NOTHING would happen once I pressed the send button, so I reset my pw through the website. Still, the app says my pw is wrong. Ive logged in and out of the website just to be sure the system refreshes, but the app still wont allow me to sign in. Complete waste of time!


Unusable! Cannot add payment card or reload from app!

App is unusable

Worst excuse for an app. Can log on to my account via web browser. Try with app & despite providing same username & password it wont log me in - just continuously asks me to login. How difficult is it to hire a reputable company to build a working iPhone app?

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