Starbucks App Reviews

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Love it!

Love the app and the convenience it allows me. Only negative would be load amounts. I think you should be able to enter your load amounts and not just the set $5 increments. If Im mobile ordering and my balance is 10¢ short, I dont want to have to reload $10 (the minimum reload amount) for 10¢

Works pretty well

Sometimes it does crazy things when trying to select a store to order from though.

Very useful

Free apps yo

Great App

I am a solid Starbucks fan!! The drinks are great, coffee ground at home the best, fantastic app!!

Enjoyable moments

There is nothing like being able to enjoy a cup of coffee and an app!

Better than before but...

Still trouble transferring a partial balance from card to card using my phone app.

Great app

Does its job and is aesthetically pleasing

A must have app if you frequent Starbucks

Great promotions, and easy to use.

Ordering feature, love it!!

I love that the ordering feature is available. I walk in then walk out. No waiting.

Starbucks is my favorite coffee shop and my favorite app

I love the Starbucks app its so sleek and incredibly handy. I dont have to carry my card; I can just present my phone to get my drinks. I also love my rewards for being a valued customer and the free apps and music that the app gives. However, I do miss the menus though. The old app had a list of drinks and food options that were really helpful.

Good app! Makes my life a little easier

I like this app a lot! I like how I can pay for my order just using my phone, order ahead, and love the free drinks I earn with my stars. Also, Starbucks always sends me extra emails about how I can earn rewards faster. If you ever go to Starbucks, this app is a great idea!

So convenient

I love being able to reload my card in the drive thru or place an order efficiently on the go; so convenient!


This app is very easy to use and convenient. You can order your drink or food and pick it up without waiting in line. A tip is also an option.

Love it!

Great app and makes ordering easy when Im running late and dont have time to wait in line


Free apps and music are nice plus but convenience is my main reason for using it.

Mobile ordering is the best

I use this app almost every day and I love it. The mobile ordering makes my mornings so much easier, and since the latest updates where you can save favorite stores and orders, I think it is even better.


At each up date it gets better and better. Not having to hunt for my inbox is so helpful. I look forward to see the free apps, music or deals.

Works OK but not always intuitive

The last few updates have finally made it work relatively well, but please: • add a comments option on the app for suggestions • show street intersection for locations (fed up with checking the map over and over!)


The app was amazing! Since the update, I cannot load my card! Coffee is how I breathe in the morning, but I cant get my points for my rewards if I cant use my card. And I cant use my card if you wont let me reload it

Only went on Sunday for 4X points

So Im usually not one to complain, especially not about Starbucks, but lately Ive been have a few issues with the app. I cant update the amount in Apple Wallet if its not signed in on the Starbucks app. I never sign out of the app. The only time I have to sign in is when I have issues, have to delete and redownload. A new Starbucks was just built near me so my visit has definitely increase, and as today (10/30/2016) is Sunday, Starbucks offers 4 times the points. So I was originally going to get one drink and then my friend wanted another so I got two. Well when I get to the window I dont have enough AND Starbucks app is not letting me reload money saying there is an error. So I pay for the drink with my credit card, but then I realized that Im missing out on 44 points and Im not happy about it. Yes I get points from my CC company but not 4x. So Im leaving this review in hopes that someone higher up will correct this matter. Thank you.

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